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Bella and The Loyalist Heroine
Bella never saw Italy except in photographs that old people in the Old Country sent. Mostly pictures of dead bodies in open caskets. Italy seemed to be a country where everyone was dead or dying. There wasn't much cool about being an Italian Canadian in the Niagara Peninsula in 1966. Much better to be a Loyalist heroine -- Laura Secord! In the War of 1812 she and her cow walked 19 miles and saved Canada from becoming part of America.

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Bella- Waiting For Mario Puzo
"Before The Sopranos, there was The Godfather, inspiration for Terri Favro and Ron Edding's fabulous new graphic tale. I fell in love with Bella during her inaugural adventures...but now we're cooking with gas, extra-virgin olive oil..."
Eufemia Fantetti, author of "A Recipe for Disaster & Other Unlikely Tales of Love"

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The Proxy Bride
Ken Klonsky Quattro Books Novella Award Winner
"A mesmerizing, merciless character study of an immigrant community in 1960s Niagara. This intense read is replete with smuggled pornography, street gambling, rape and exquisitely detailed moments..."
ROOM Magazine
"The world of The Proxy Bride simmers with forbidden passions, conflicted sinners, honourable criminals and family secrets...undeniably hot."
Broken Pencil Magazine

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